A letter to Donald Trump.

Dear President Trump,

Please help protect consumers in this information age.

The internet is an extremely complex entity of interconnected data links, each owned by different organizations and corporations. Most Americans however only have one or two choices for who’s links come to their homes and apartments.

By lobbying at all levels, these ISPs do everything they can to block or delay any competitive broadband services such as municipal broadband from reaching Americans. If their customers┬ádon’t have any other choice, they can charge higher prices, and reduce prices other places to drive out competition.

As most of the ISPs also offer Television packages, this gives them a great conflict of interest in providing fair access to other services online. If customers can’t get access to high quality media online, they are more likely to purchase the Television package from the ISP alongside the internet service. This could lead to ISP degrading the connection quality to such competing services or blocking them completely.

If you only have one or two data links to your home, owned by these ISPs, there is a very high potential for these companies to abuse their customers, many of which will have no idea how much they are being taken advantage of.

So please President Trump, if you do want to act for the people, take action to help protect our connections to this ever more important Internet from being controlled by those who “own” the wires running to our homes.

Thank you,

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